Securing the commercial places within and outside the walls is a serious agenda discussed by most business management boards. The increasing incidents of robbery, vandalism, assault and violence at business places have increased the heat of fear and distress related to commercial security. Management boards want to apprehend the risks involved in regular business environments and the possible solutions to ensure the safety of employees, guests, and commercial assets. In that case, the most viable option to enhance business safety is to partner with smart technology that works as a constant and efficient security guard for your commercial space. Robust office monitoring systems with AI-enabled smart analytics deliver impeccable results in managing the overall security of offices, warehouses, shops, etc.


The intervention of office security monitoring cameras to safeguard business premise

In this article we will underline the top 10 reasons, encouraging businesses to install a resilient office monitoring system for increased safety of lives and possessions.

Minimize criminal incidents
Smart office monitoring systems come with built-in AI-powered technologies such as face recognition, motion, and object detection. These features identify potential crimes before they happen and thus dissuade burglary, vandalism, and infringement. Such security breaching incidents not only put the safety of employees and guests at stake but cause huge revenue loss to a business. Therefore, adopting technologically advanced surveillance cameras for offices can help businesses protect their people, property, and funds.

Enhances the safety of senior citizens
Most offices have senior employees who add value to businesses by leveraging their years of experience. However, they can be more vulnerable to be the target of criminal minds. By installing surveillance cameras around the workstations of senior employees, operators can ensure their safety in terms of external or health-oriented threats.

Cuts legal liabilities
Businesses often face false accusations of assault, theft, and other mishaps taking place on their property. Video surveillance proofs in such situations give a clear picture of what happened and who is responsible. It makes a huge difference for businesses that get spared from falling into fabricated legal disputes and liabilities.

Encourage employees to behave well
It is quite common to observe data theft and in-house fraud conducted by employees either occasionally or frequently. A report by Statistic Brain revealed that almost 70% of staff members have once in their working tenure have indulged in some sort of theft. Moreover, stats indicate SMEs and MSMEs to be more at risk of internal shoplifting. Such kinds of immoral incidents can be controlled effectively by implementing office monitoring cameras in prime locations.

Boost employee performance and workplace discipline
Office surveillance solutions naturally motivate workforces to work harder and better because they are being supervised remotely. Employees understand that their managers are watching them constantly and therefore, they cannot afford to be sluggish or irresponsible at work. Consecutively, staffs tend to work more efficiently and deliver optimized output with minimum errors and friction.

Monitor secluded spots
Huge offices have several locations and units that are isolated from the main areas with regular footfall. Such spots primarily store spare goods, tool kits, IT infrastructure, technical equipment, etc. involving a significant amount of monetary investment. Office monitoring cameras installed at these locations allow operators to keep a watch on all the activities by accessing live surveillance video remotely. Smart security cameras with IR technology work best even in poorly lit areas and broadcast high-grade footage for clear visibility of people and objects.

Eliminate the cost of hiring manual security personnel
A one-time investment is required to purchase and set up monitoring cameras in offices and then minimal maintenance costs are involved on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis (as per service plans). While the recruitment of human security guards is a tedious, time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient process. Smart office monitoring solutions promise reliable, automatic, intelligent, and omnipresent surveillance security management constantly 24×7 all 365 days. On the other hand, manual security staff works in shifts and cannot be present at all prime locations simultaneously to deliver holistic security services. Hence, a business can save a considerable cost while relishing enhance security services by embracing smart office surveillance cameras.

Maximize profits
Enclosing all the functions and benefits of video surveillance security systems in offices together contributes to improving business ROIs. Reduced theft, less investment in security management, enhanced productivity, smoother operations, and inclusive safety of assets collectively result in spiralling business profits. Besides, digitally secured commercial spaces improve brand image, employee experience, and customer satisfaction for sustainable benefits.

Improve decision making
Dealing with staff feuds, violation of business norms, adherence to safety measures, or customer transaction dispute gets easier and unbiased by referring to CCTV video. One could make data-driven decisions with office surveillance cameras to resolve any kind of disagreement immediately. CCTV footage is also considered as valid evidence by police and court to prosecute suspects in legal proceedings.

Maintain records
Smart office monitoring systems keep recorded data in an organized and secured manner. The recordings are stored in the cloud safely, eliminating any risk of data tampering or theft. Visual and image-based data records visitors’ details, log-in and log-out timings of employees against correct employee ID and department, and more. These records can be used as references for future investigations or analyses.

Hit back at criminal perils with advanced surveillance solutions
More and more companies are investing in the deployment of smart office monitoring cameras to avert physical and cybercrimes against people, valuables, and data privacy. These devices are a sure-fire way to regulate internal and external threats at commercial and domestic places. Office security monitoring systems are a trend accelerating briskly all over the world and particularly in India. More than 25 million office monitoring cameras have already been deployed in the world. Industry experts claim that video surveillance solutions can eradicate over 67% of security risks at offices and other business places.

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