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Today, the innovation of the cloud has changed the scenario for 24/7 surveillance and security monitoring. It does away with the need for expensive hardware, while the security/surveillance data is maintained in the cloud.

ambicam is a globally innovative and leading smart cloud CCTV camera and security solutions provider.

ambicam – Next Gen Full HD Smart Cloud Camera for Retail & Enterprise. No Cable | No DVR | AI | 60 Sec Setup | H.265 | H.264 | SD Card Support | Cloud Storage.

Ambicam Smart Cloud Camera

Our Mission

Our Client’s success is our success, we are deeply committed to understand our client’s business & to sharpen our focus on our core competencies, and our flexible business approach allows us to look at client’s engagement from a different perception. Expanding the possibilities for our clients and them to achieve competitive advantages. we offer service with innovative product and technology solutions that we provide and this enables our clients to transform and perform through our services. VMukti provides its clients with enhanced and innovative technics that let their events and activities achieve superior results through a unique way of working. Our team relies on some of our best technics and products delivered, which aims to get the right technics of its service, and by working as one team to create and deliver the optimum solution for clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring out a massive transformation in the lives of billion-plus people through incredible innovation in cloud video communication technology. ambicam aims to reach maximum people and is strongly committed to all the different areas like Banking & Finance, Insurance, Retail, Electioneering, Education, Media, and Government institution for monitoring and surveillance services.

All our products are cloud-enabled and 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi compliant. Our vision has pushed us to achieve global leadership in our business. With highly scalable cloud infrastructure in more than 150000+ locations, which are simultaneously monitored through cloud infrastructure using Assured Cloud data center and we are also providing complete and End-to-End software solution for Smart cloud monitoring with Wi-Fi And 4G/LTE. Our ultimate vision is to always stay upgraded with all new technologies of safety and security purposes which at last is beneficial and easy for people only.



Working in Security and Surveillance Domain.



Next Gen Full HD Smart Cloud Camera for Retail & Enterprise.

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