Warehouse Monitoring

AMBICAM Warehouse Security Solution which is one of the most important assets of any manufacturing or OEM Company. Warehouse is a place where you stored your all finished goods and the safety and security of that place is also more important. Ambicam provides a perfect Warehouse Security Surveillance solution to safeguard your place and provide you the complete safety and security, from anywhere and at anytime.

By installing Ambicam Smart Cloud Camera you can easily monitor the activities happening in the warehouse whole day to keep a check remotely and recorded footage from cloud storage help you to identifying each and every activity.


  • FHD Video
  • Clear Night Vision
  • Mobile Application
  • Wide angle View
  • Cloud Video Storage
  • Live Centralized Remote monitoring
  • Easy Setup


  • Effective warehouse management
  • Centralized Live Monitoring control
  • Perimeter Security
  • Smart AI Analytics features
  • Minimize Internal Theft
  • Remote Viewing & Management
  • Reduce Inventory Shrink


Avoid any security hassles. Trust cloud storage for your total security needs.

Easy Access

Easily access images and information from the cloud. Avoid cumbersome local storage.


One file or hundreds, share whatever you want easily. Eliminate wasted time.

Ambicam 4G Dom PTZ

Ambicam 4G Mini Bullet

Ambicam Bullet Blue

Ambicam 4G Bullet

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