Thermal camera has a long history of demonstrating its value in tracking the suspected unwell. It was first deployed at airports to stop potentially infected passengers from entering the airport premises during the SARS pandemic outbreak in 2003 and 2009’s bird flu epidemic akin. Yet again Thermal camera for fever detection screen solution is here to navigate the COVID-19 crisis in personal and public spaces. Attributed to disruptive technology such as AI-analytics, IoT, ML, these smart thermal cameras act as the front-line of defence by detecting elevated body temperature precisely.

Safeguard employees and visitors with Ambicam Thermal Camera for Fever Detection
Ambicam offers a premium range of robust AI-driven thermal cameras for body temperature detection. These smart devices are designed strategically to fulfill the commercial security requirement of all businesses. One can choose from myriads of next-gen thermal cameras featuring HD video quality, contactless infrared sensor-integrated technology, local/cloud storage, LAN/Wi-Fi compliance, and much more for enhanced protection to traverse the new normal hitches. Highly sophisticated and easy to install, Ambicam thermal cameras get function-ready in 4 simple steps, just Plug>>Install>>Scan>>Play.

Elements of Innovation

Let us deep dive to unveil the key features of Ambicam Thermal Cameras.

Deliver precision with AI/ML algorithm: Detects body temperature instantly with maximum accuracy and enrolls faces easily

Ensure utmost safety: Monitors body temperature from remote locations with zero personal contact

Offer flexible installation options: Choose either wall mounting or table-top installation at your convenience

Keep records for insight-driven decisions: Maintain records of employees, customers, and visitors to re-evaluate readings if required

Raise quick real-time alarms: Instantly notify fever detection, face recognition, social distancing, and mask detection in crowds

Allow hassle-free operations: Smart monitoring with end-to-end software solutions, full automation, scalable cloud infrastructure, low bandwidth high-quality video streaming, and much more

Business imperative in New Normal and beyond – Ambicam Thermal Cameras
As the world is stepping across the threshold of New Normal to reach the Next Normal, businesses need to embrace the innovative thermal camera for body temperature detection to meet three horizons – Resolve, Reoccur, and Reorganise.

Here is how Ambicam Smart Thermal Cameras help businesses achieve these horizons:

Resolve (Ensuring business continuity)
Ambicam enables round the clock remote monitoring with real-time cloud-based footage. It promises smooth, safe, and controlled business operations and functionality.

Reoccur (Enhancing flexibility to sail through crisis)
Ambicam thermal cameras come with easy DIY installation set up, delivering access to the entire home, office premises, warehouse, retail store, public places, etc. simply by logging in to the free mobile app. The recorded videos and reports assist businesses to make data-driven decisions to gain better results in the future.

Reorganise (Upgrading businesses for the long haul)
As businesses across the globe have been in the doldrums since last year, they need to emerge stronger than before. By embracing digital surveillance technologies such as thermal cameras, businesses can monitor the health and safety of their employees and customers without making any physical contact. Alongside, these smart devices also let them regulate and evaluate productivity, operational strategy, downtime, etc. to design more effective and insightful strategies.

Gearing up for the Next Normal with Ambicam
It is non-negotiable for businesses to seize the advanced technology to reach the next normal when the pandemic abate. They need agile and flexible solutions for effective monitoring to boost security, improve functionality, and derive visitors’ insights. It can be achieved by gaining easy access to videos on multiple devices through plug-and-play mode while storing the data safely on the cloud with LAN/Wi-Fi. The smart thermal camera by Ambicam lowers the short-term business costs while increasing safety and output.

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