Win over fraudulent events by collecting valued video-generated business intelligence to cut financial losses and save brand image. Banks are the major financial institutions in all the nations where billions of monetary funds are secured and transacted, therefore, banks ought to require a resilient surveillance security system. It helps banks boost premises security, safeguards customers and employees, enhances branch performances, and tracks all the activities using reliable monitoring solutions.

Ambicam, one of the leading brands dealing in Smart CCTV cameras offers premium monitoring solutions to every industrial sector for optimizing operations and reducing security risks. The next-gen smart Wi-Fi-based Cloud CCTV cameras by Ambicam boast AI-enabled technology for optimized data availability to monitor multiple branches, ATMs, Cash Vans altogether. It allows bank authorities and security staff to access 24×7 live video feed from a central location remotely.

Experience much more than security benefits
Ambicam Wi-Fi smart cloud bank surveillance cameras are complete end-to-end security improvement solutions that boost internal operations and improve customers’ trust and loyalty. These security cameras are strategically designed to stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital world while meeting the customized needs of businesses.


Have a look at the salient features of Ambicam’s bank surveillance cameras

    • Full HD smart cloud cameras
    • AI-powered functionality
    • Real-time alarms for instant response
    • Safe and secure cloud storage
    • People counting feature
    • VMS dashboard for live monitoring
    • Automatic video compression
    • Low bandwidth consumption


Attributed to the above-listed features, Ambicam bank monitoring solutions deliver myriad business-centric advantages as following:


    • Cloud storage keeps recorded data safe and confidential
    • Less bandwidth consumption saves cost and maximizes storage space
    • Hassle-free installation of these portable cameras eliminates the need for wire and related hardware infrastructure while reducing set-up cost and time
    • Instant plug-and-play deployment of surveillance cameras
    • Night vision cameras stream clear video quality in dark hours
    • 24×7 live video broadcast with real-time alerts safeguard all locations during after hours


Benefits of advanced monitoring solutions in banks

Leveraging the innovative surveillance technology, banks can increase security multifold and amplify staff performances to deliver a better customer experience. Read below to learn how smart surveillance cameras benefit banks in multiple ways.

Control burglary and vandalism: Harnessing video-based monitoring solutions is the most reliable and effective way to protect banks from on-site crimes. Smart CCTV cameras in or outside the banks, ATMs, and Cash Vans allow security personals to keep a watch on potential criminals planning for larceny, burglary, violence, destruction, or any sort of anti-social activity.

How is it done?
Reliable round-the-clock screening of all locations under CCTV surveillance makes it possible for security managers to analyze high-quality video footage and identify any potential criminal activity. Wi-Fi-based CCTV cameras deployed at strategic points capture the image of faces that enter or exit the bank and other sites while maintaining data records for further evaluation of suspicious behaviors and crime attempts.

Watch isolated areas: Wi-Fi-based Bank surveillance cameras are quick and easy to install without any hardware support and hence, can be deployed at all critical areas for a 360-degrees security check. Criminals tend to attempt indecent acts in remote locations and in case of banks, ATMs, Cash counters, and parking areas are among the most vulnerable sites for theft and assault. With visible CCTV cameras, criminals think twice before taking immoral action.

How is it done?
Smart CCTV cameras with AI-powered analytics software warn responder against every suspicious activity by sending real-time notifications in the form of messages or emails. Quick notifications allow security managers to respond to ugly situations even after working hours. Night vision captures sharp and clear images and videos of the site throughout the day and night to deliver the usable quality of footage for prevention, investigation, and identification of crime.

Safeguard employees and customers: Gaining customer’s trust in monetary dealings is not a cakewalk. It takes ages for banks to build trust and integrity amongst their customers and yet that trustworthiness is fragile. Years of credibility go futile due to a minor deceitful incidence whether internal or external. Therefore banks need to be extremely cautious when it comes to protecting their customers and staff. Advance bank monitoring solutions assist banks to reduce security risks by delivering authentic video evidence to negate false allegations and uphold credibility.

How is it done?
People get the sense of security meagre by seeing a security camera installed on the premises. Besides, having a surveillance camera with video-enabled data intelligence gives an upper hand to the banks to ensure staff and customers treat each other properly that avoid unnecessary chaos. Deceitful incidents such as transaction manipulations, money stealing, inappropriate receipt issuance, etc. can be identified as and when happened.

Resolve disputes immediately: Substantial monetary damages certainly take place in banks without a robust surveillance system and make them pay heavily. Settling phantom ATM withdrawal, machine tampering, or card scanning incidents is much easier and faster with a video surveillance security system that otherwise involves a lot of time, effort, and capital.

How is it done?
Intelligent Cloud surveillance cameras in banks allow a streamlined process of storing monitored video footage safely and remotely on the cloud. The data is saved in a sequence with a unique identity for a quicker search. Security staff can refer to these records to help police with evidence against criminals in no time and without manual efforts.

Bank monitoring solutions are a priority and not an option
The safety of assets and lives of all present in or around bank premises, ATMs, or Cash Vans cannot be taken for granted. For every financial institution, it is a priority to deploy an advanced surveillance system at all the major points to guarantee a safe visit to customers and a protected working environment for employees. Digital bank security cameras with intelligent analytics software are the constant eyes and ears that can deter threats. Besides, these are excellent devices to win customers’ trust and loyalty and improve staff efficiency.

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