Still don’t know what camera will be best suited for your office? Well, then you should look at security wireless cameras with ai system analytics. Artificial intelligence covers many different algorithms. Smart devices can analyze large amounts of data now because of the new capabilities of powerful graphics cards and cloud technologies. Wireless CCTV camera with artificial intelligence allows us to protect ourselves better because a person cannot analyze such a significant amount of data in a short time.

Your safety is completely in your hands because only you will have access to office video surveillance systems. You can also choose which device you will use for monitoring:

– phone, tablet, computer;

– monitors and servers;

– special office space.


What do you need office CCTV systems for?

Office CCTV systems have reached a new level of security and many progressive companies have already chosen smart protection. Don’t hesitate to buy an office camera if the following points are really important to you:

• optimization of the working process and increasing its efficiency;

• staff safety increasing, possible conflicts reducing, labor protection;

• ensuring corporate security in a competitive environment and growing business espionage;

• surveillance during off-hours to prevent burglary, theft, property damage, etc.


How to get the best CCTV camera for the office?

Do you know what to look for when choosing CCTV cameras? No? Let’s deal with it once and for all.

The encryption of the signal. This option is very useful, because of excluding both data sampling and unauthorized intrusion with an attempt to third-party connection directly to the video surveillance system.

The correct type. Depending on the specific task, the best CCTV security camera for office can be different classes with different operating principles: IP cameras, 3G/4G, a combination of cameras with motion sensors, it’s also possible to send a notification to the owner or responsible person.

Camera capabilities. It is better to use more complex and expensive high-definition cameras (Full HD), with the image scaling ability and remote or automatic change of the viewing area.

Night vision and sound recording. It may also be important for you to have a camera with a night vision system, you can also install surveillance cameras for the office with sound. But don’t forget, that the only way to record the sound is if more parties give their consent.

The size. In special cases, it is possible to install a tiny CCTV camera for office use that are not visible to both employees and visitors. In other words, covert video surveillance in the office, which can provide additional and reliable protection of the interests of the office owner, supplying exclusive information.

Any office is, first of all, a place where different people come. It can be both employees and visitors. Various working processes take place in the room, where material values are stored. All must be observed and controlled, and the CCTV office is one of the best tools to do it properly.

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