As businesses and customers are returning to the sort of normal lives – malls, banks, shopping outlets, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and every recreation center – once again have filled with the spirit. In such circumstances, the onus of the safety of visitors, customers, and staff members is on the business owner entirely. Unlike before, the safety measures that need to be followed are all new such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, sanitizing hands, etc. And human security guards can’t track all these preventive measures when the crowd enters the business premises. Hence, Thermal Screening Solutions come to the rescue.

Thermal screening systems offer a holistic preventive solution to secure masses and surfaces from contracting the coronavirus infection. These are AI-driven and cloud-based contactless fever measuring devices designed to measure the temperature of human bodies and surroundings. There is a lot to know about a thermal screening camera. Read along to understand its innovative features that ensure public and materialistic safety in the areas under surveillance all day long.


What makes thermal screening solutions – a must-have for businesses?

    • Unparalleled Speed and Accuracy: The touchless thermal screening camera promises precision in measuring the temperature of humans and surface akin. It leaves no scope of false alarm, avoiding chaos in heavy footfall areas. What makes it even more looked-for is its speed. A thermal screening camera delivers reliable results within a few milliseconds. This steadfast device allows visitors and employees to spend maximum time performing their respective tasks and the least for being screened.
    • Accurate Employee Evaluation: Thermal cameras feature integrated Smart Analytics software that detects the face of an employee one-by-one precisely and mark his/her attendance accurately against the right department with correct employee ID and in-out time. These cameras can identify over 5000 faces to manage access control. Employees gain the access to enter and exit the building based on their identity and relevant data stored in the system while unidentified faces are denied access as an improved safety measure.
    • Prompt Mask Detection: A new norm introduced by the new normal. Willingly or unwillingly, we are getting in the habit of wearing masks gradually as it is a non-negotiable preventive measure. The camera detects people without masks through intuitive Artificial Intelligence technology and reminds the violator to put on the mask. Another noteworthy point is that it also identifies people who cover their face with a cloth instead of a mask.
    • Precise Body Temperature Reading: Thermal cameras detect the temperature of human skin surface through smart analytics. AI/ML technologies promise accurate analyses of the human body without confusing it with another heat-emitting object.
    • Instant Recognition of Visitors/Strangers: An innovative technique to detect unknown faces and control their access with zero contact. The thermal screening camera recognizes stranger faces one at a time from a distance of 1 meter and accumulates their records such as body temperature, entry point, wearing of masks, etc. to maintain data for further evaluation.
    • Strict Entry/Exit Point Monitoring: Through visualized technology and AI analytics, thermal cameras monitor the behavior of every visitor inside and outside the business premises. It helps detect anomalies in real-time and alerts the monitoring authorities to take immediate steps to stop the potentially infected person from entering the building.
    • Instant Offline/Online Notifications: Touchless temperature screening systems send instant tocsins to the monitoring team on identifying any abnormal behavior related to security and health concerns.

Secure better with Ambicam Touchless Thermal Screening System

Ambicam touchless temperature screening cameras help businesses improve safety and discipline in buildings by seeing beyond unseen threats. These cameras promise superior quality, precision, speed, and durability. Ambicam thermal cameras come with AI-driven analytics for smart security arrangements. These devices can detect 6-8 persons at a time from a distance of 3 meters. Thermal screening solutions by Ambicam deliver 24×7 live feed along with local feed facility and are compatible with Wi-Fi/LAN. They offer safe and secure cloud storage of the recorded footage and consume less bandwidth by automatically compressing the video without affecting its quality.

Portable and easy to install with hassle-free integration, Ambicam fever detection cameras can be deployed for effective surveillance at multiple places. These places include schools, universities, hospitals, railway stations, airports, bus stands, vehicles, government offices, smart cities, checkpoints, warehouses, retail stores, shopping malls, houses, and many more locations.

How thermal screening cameras return on investment – Key Features

    • Improves Security

Enhanced security is assured when a property is under the surveillance of a thermal screening system. Face recognition, mask detection, body temperature detection, people headcount, and other advanced features optimized with AI-powered analytics software help businesses safeguard their customers and employees from the contagion virus. Live feed assists monitoring person(s) to restrict the entry of a potential virus carrier into the building.

    • Prompt and Accurate Alarms

Thermal cameras raise real-time alerts whenever an individual passes or fails the scan. These audio-visual notifications of unfavorable conditions in regards to health and security warn authorities to keep the possible infected suspect away from crowds and premises.

    • Zero-Contact Monitoring

Touchless temperature screening cameras allow authorities to evaluate elevated body temperature, anomalies, social distance violation, and manage access control and attendance marking remotely on a real-time basis. Attentive surveillance also minimizes the risk of immoral activities such as theft, vandalism, intrusion, etc. A contactless security camera in times of contagion pandemic is a boon for homes and commercial places for safeguarding their valuables.

    • Organized Record-Keeping

Today when adherence to public health guidelines is captious keeping information of staff and guests handy is paramount. Thermal cameras maintain records and provide you insights into the data related to customer behavior, temperature readings, and other details with images.

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst by deploying effective and smart security systems like Ambicam Thermal Screening Solutions.

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