Returning to schools has never been this precarious. Schools already own the responsibility of offering a quality learning experience and safe environment to the students and staff akin. While educational institutes momentously focus on childcare they need to be more vigilant about the health and public safety of children and other stakeholders now to prevent COVID-19 infection. Like other workplaces across the globe, it’s high time for schools to embrace and enforce amplified sanitation protocols to allay the infection risk. The best practice to ensure health and safety in school premises is to blend technological surveillance along with public health norms.

Advanced technologies such as AI-powered school surveillance cameras, motion detection, people counting, thermal imaging cameras, etc. are gaining momentum as the most effective preventive measure to alleviate virus exposure across the industries. These modern school monitoring solutions integrate easily with schools’ security camera systems to boost safety provisions.

Let us now learn how school video surveillance systems enhance campus security and public health.

    • Dissuade potential crimes and mishappening

A glance at a CCTV camera is enough!

A visible security camera in itself threatens a person and discourages him/her to make unethical moves. At the top of it, if a campus has smart school surveillance cameras, it would be way harder to commit a crime and walk out as these video monitoring systems come equipped with modern features such as face detection, motion sensor, and much more. Such advancements alert the security staff by raising real-time alarms upon detecting any unauthorized face or suspicious activity, making it almost impossible to give criminals a chance to steal or vandalize the property.

    • Promote secure teaching-learning environment

Every school strives to create a comfortable and happy learning-teaching environment for students and teachers. However, harassment instances are reported frequently in the media. Harassment – be it physical, mental, or emotional – shakes up the soul of a living being and leaves eternal non-curable scars. To avoid such situations, school security cameras systems act as a vigilant eye on all the apprentices and teachers. Real-time surveillance boosts classroom discipline as it helps the observer record accurate information from the surveillance field to take immediate and appropriate action whenever required.

Case in point: SHK Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya became Delhi’s first government-run school to recognize the potential of a video surveillance camera system. The school installed over 200 CCTV cameras all over the campus to manage victimization and fighting while ensuring the safety of every individual on the school property.

    • Monitor preventive practices of New Normal

New Normal has made masks, hand-sanitization, and social distancing an inseparable part of our lives. These practices are here to the Next Normal and beyond. School video surveillance camera systems come featured with mask detection, thermal imaging, and more to ensure that students and staff adhere to the safety protocols. It is mandatory to deter the risk of contracting COVID-19 infection.

    • Access and surveil campus remotely

School monitoring systems track every human and vehicle that enters the school premises and exits. These portable and easy to install surveillance cameras can be deployed in classrooms, canteens, hallways, computer rooms, libraries, corridors, administrative offices, playrooms, entry and exit gates, and parking lots to gain 360-degree access to the school property. School authorities can track unnecessary movements of students, lecture timings, etc.

With the fact that every coin has two sides, there are a few concerns that should be addressed before installing school video surveillance systems.
School surveillance cameras are undoubtedly effective to ensure public health and safety. However, it is equally crucial for schools to win the trust of their staff and students before installing the system by discussing the purpose and effectiveness of surveillance cameras. Besides, seeking all the legal grants is mandatory for cameras installation as it intrudes on the privacy of children, teachers, and other related communities. Manual attentiveness of the observer is crucial to prevent an active crime and to read and interpret all the alerts diligently.

  • Prepare for emergency security plans with Ambicam School Video Surveillance Sytems

Ambicam offers an exclusive range of smart school monitoring systems to boost the overall safety of people and possessions. Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras monitor live activities in the school premises and quickly detect unauthorized and suspicious activities with its AI-powered features. Ambicam security cameras consume low bandwidth, support Wi-Fi, store footage safely on Cloud, and share live footage with the observer easily. These high-tech monitoring solutions offer multi-camera connectivity and send live alerts to identify potential mishappenings and thus safeguard schools and their people throughout.

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