COVID-19 introduced many unique security problems for organizations worldwide, thereby a thermal camera proved to be an ideal solution for all these problems. As the nation reopens after the second wave, businesses and organizations have a host of logistical and legal issues to resolve to bring their employees back safely and keep the surroundings secure in the covid-19 scenario. As the technicians struggled to come up with adequate security solutions, they realized that they needed a better and reliable security option. That time Thermal Camera Systems came into action and enhanced security by them would help prevent further contamination of the virus or other communicable diseases and ensure the safety and health of employees and visitors.

There’s a lot to know about thermal cameras system before deploying one on your property. However, thermal cameras are integrated with screening solutions, face recognition systems and also mask detection alert systems. There are some different types of technology and systems integrated with thermal camera systems, as rather than having a single standalone thermal imaging camera system for your organization, you can integrate it into your overall commercial security system and have ample benefits. Before looking for a thermal camera you should first know the needs and requirements, especially the security concerns of your organizational well-being, whether you’re reopening your workplace or addressing covid-19 security concerns for an essential business that has remained open 24/7 throughout the whole pandemic.

Major Benefits of Thermal Cameras in covid-19 scenario

The main advantage is that the individual who handles the thermal imaging system is not required to be physically close to the individual being evaluated so it is contactless screening, in which there is a complete elimination of in-person contact. The person or official who handles the thermal imaging system can be in a different area or room and monitor efficiently. This also eliminates the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) required training or medical equipment for temperature takers.

A thermal imaging system has also shown that it more accurately and rapidly measures surface skin temperature of both individuals and objects faster than the typical forehead or oral (mouth) thermometer that requires a close distance and physical contact with the person being evaluated which can increase the chances of getting contaminated easily. When thermal scanners measure the temperature of an individual, and the reading is more than the average temperature, the individual is immediately directed to the hospital for further medical tests and to get proper medication. The individuals with high temperatures can be evaluated further because fever is also the major symptom of covid-19 or any other disease.

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