As the demand for healthcare facilities is escalating worldwide, so are the challenges related to security. Worsening everything, the current pandemic situation has multiplied these problems manifold for the entire healthcare industry. Time and again, hospitals find themselves tested by various situations, but the new normal has left nothing like normal for healthcare. This time hospitals are not only fighting against the evident elements but the invisible yet deadly virus alike.

Multifaceted challenges confronted by hospitals

Combating from the already prevailing healthcare catastrophe on the frontline, the industry is now struggling to manage the problems related to employee safety amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Right from the interior premises to the exterior milieu, hospitals require robust security systems to ensure patient and visitors’ safety and protection against – gang violence, upsurge in patient footfall, terrorist activities, theft of expensive medical tools and equipment, encroaching, dump-and-run incidents, false lawsuits, and obedience to the COVID-19 safety measures, and much more.

There are enough incidents that happen in and around the hospitals, challenging its security arrangements. To mention a few, no one can forget the terror attack at Mumbai’s Cama hospital on 26/11. Poor hygienic conditions of hospitals reported during the second wave of the pandemic, patient outbursts outside the LNJP hospital during the oxygen cylinder shortage and the list goes on. Such incidents emphasize the exigency of having holistic hospital surveillance security systems to control emergencies more efficiently.

Technically advanced Live Hospital Monitoring System for improved safety

Thanks to the fourth industrial revolution for introducing multitudes of space-age monitoring and security solutions. Today the tech market offers a myriad of smart and innovative AI-enabled video surveillance cameras powered with analytics to boost the quality of healthcare services and safety. Live video monitoring cameras deliver round-the-clock surveillance in real-time to combat suspicious situations.

Ambicam Hospital Video Surveillance Cameras – All-in-One Security Solution

Ambicam Cloud CCTV surveillance cameras are powered with AI and video analytics to keep the responders alert by sending a real-time notification for incidents. The hospital monitoring cameras provide live video monitoring and store the footage safely on the Cloud for further references. Ambicam security solutions offer effective surveillance services to hospitals of all sizes, assisting them to streamline their processes and operations while optimizing the overall security both inside and outside the hospital premises.

Hospital monitoring solutions by Ambicam also reduces the requirement of manual surveillance for efficient and hassle-free security provisions. The brand offers a plethora of innovative and portable hospital video surveillance cameras ranging from Ambicam 4G Dom PTZ, 4G Mini Bullet, Bullet Blue, 4G Bullet, and a lot more. These are next-gen full HD smart cameras that come with absolute ease of installation and multi-connectivity options and many other scalable features.

Advantages of Ambicam Hospital Video Surveillance Cameras

Scroll down to learn about the benefits of installing video monitoring cameras in the healthcare industry.

    • Augment in-and-out hospital security

Ergonomically designed video surveillance cameras can be mounted anywhere inside and outside a hospital, averting potential criminal activities, vandalism, and break-ins. CCTV cameras help patients, hospital employees, and visitors feel safer and confident in and around hospitals.

    • Distant video surveillance

During the pandemic outbreak, non-contact video monitoring is quintessential for hospitals to track health and safety measures closely. Ambicam CCTV Camera footage can be accessed remotely on multiple devices, allowing responders to monitor every movement and activity in the hospital at low bandwidth consumption.

    • Monitor public health protocols amidst pandemic

AI-powered smart surveillance cameras boast motion sensors, mask detection, people counting, etc., ensuring that every individual present in hospitals sticks to the necessary safety and sanitary measures.

    • Avoid staff disputes

Video recording captures the check-in check-out schedule of every staff member and tracks their regular activities and tasks appropriately. Visual records help resolve employee disputes through reliable and unbiased evidence and thus create a harmonious working environment.

    • Optimize employee throughput

Employees work more efficiently when under surveillance which subsequently improves coordination and communication among different departments. Moreover, better productivity boosts hospital operations while reducing employee burnout.

    • Preclude fabricated allegations

Ambicam FHD CCTV cameras provide round-the-clock video monitoring and collect visual substantiation without any miss. This evidence protects hospitals against false claims by patients or attendants.

    • Create digital assets

Ambicam hospital monitoring cameras store live footage on the Cloud that is a safe and sustainable way to create digital assets for the future. Digitally stored videos are feasible to search and find, and also such records are accessible to authorized users only.

    • Final thoughts

Hospital video surveillance solutions are survival-imperative for the entire healthcare industry to pace up with the modern expectations of business and consumers in parallel. Video monitoring systems allow hospitals to reap three-dimensional benefits of cost-effectiveness, less manual dependency, and improved human and property security.

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