People matter and so is their safety. Whether a person is at the home, office, public place, or vehicle, the sense of being protected is the basic factor that enhances one’s experience of life. Considering security measures in transit in highly populated countries like India is a serious matter that needs the utmost attention. Protecting people while commuting in personal as well as public transports is a responsibility far beyond just installing conventional surveillance systems and human patrolling. Here comes the advanced video monitoring technology supplemented with the Internet of Things as a saviour.

More and more states in India are acknowledging the importance of adopting smart surveillance systems in public transports to protect the masses in a better and efficient manner. Both public and private sector joint-handed are working towards upgrading vehicle security management by switching to AI-enabled vehicle monitoring systems. Modern vehicle surveillance cameras help states to catch two birds with one stone. Offering enhances security to travelers in public transports increases their utility that figures into the growth of the national economy. More the use of public transport, the revenue generated. And more revenue generation ultimately leads to the development of a country for providing highly qualitative life to its citizens.

In this article, we will read about the benefits of wireless vehicle surveillance cameras which offer an added edge to security management on go.

Wireless vehicle surveillance cameras add convenience to the installation and functioning of security systems by delivering more portability, the flexibility of repositioning, instant deployment, no fuss of wire fitting, and scalability. Wireless vehicle monitoring systems are operated on batteries by using SIM cards as a means of network connection. Special SIM cards with 4G-LTE and 3G technology are designed for wireless security cameras allowing them to function without requiring any wired or Wi-Fi connection. Such surveillance cameras are ideal choices for vehicle monitoring due to obvious reasons such as:

  • Can be installed anytime anywhere – poles, ceilings, and doors
  • Functional in remote and isolated areas with limited or no internet connections
  • Save footage in SD card for more security and confidentiality

Too good to be true

Vehicles surveillance cameras are equipped with quite interesting and highly purposeful features that are enough to convince governments and transport agencies to install them in their vehicles. How you could say no to a security system that provides you 24×7 live feed of the vehicle and nearby areas for constant remote monitoring that too directly on your phone or laptop screens. Smart vehicle security CCTV cameras are the products of inventive technology and AI-based analytics to promise next-level precision and reliability of the analyzed output. High-quality video all day and night attributed to night vision feature, prompt notifications on identifying any suspicious activity in and around the vehicle, widened visibility based on PTZ movement of cameras, motion detection, and object detection are some of the most prominent traits of modern surveillance cameras.

The next section highlights the possible advantages of these cameras which make them a non-negotiable tool when it comes to improving the safety and convenience of the public when they are on roads and in transit.

Multiple benefits of wireless vehicle surveillance cameras

Improves passengers’ safety: The cameras work as a constant patrolling system that tracks every activity taking place in the vehicle. From driver’s behaviour to passengers’ movements and speed of the vehicle, these cameras assist responders to closely monitor everything and take necessary precautionary steps based on insightful data. Thence, it helps in making passengers commuting secure and convenient.

Prevent potential crimes: Boasting face, motion, and object detection features that run on AI and ML algorithms, these cameras can recognize unattended luggage, suspicious behaviour of passengers and drivers and send real-time warning alarms to the security staff. In this way surveillance cameras in public transports deter the incidents of terrorism, theft, vandalism, public violence, and other immoral activities.

Optimize processes in real-time: More than surveillance, these cameras leverage the IOT to better analyze situations and manage resources as and when required. Responders can fathom the data captured from images and videos to decode it into meaningful stats and accordingly plan their actions for present and future safety measures.

Provide valid evidence: Digitally recorded videos and images by these cameras are stored in the cloud as sustainable digital assets that can be used as evidence to prosecute prime suspects in court. These proofs also help in avoiding false claims, allegations, and compensations.

Ambicam augment vehicle security manifold with wireless vehicle surveillance cameras

Ambicam intends to deliver world-class vehicle surveillance solutions for enhanced the safety of passengers, students, drivers, and vehicles using smart analytics software, GPS tracking, and 4G SIM connectivity. Ambicam monitoring systems can be installed in a varied range of public and private transports such as school buses, office shuttles, public buses, trucks, cash vans, to name a few. The brand designs durable and smart Cloud CCTV Cameras to boost security surveillance through remote monitoring in real-time along with safe storage facilities and other salient features. These are:

  • Quick and easy installation – just plug and play
  • Push notifications and alarms in real-time
  • 100% wire-free – operates on 4G/3G SIM card technology
  • Full HD resolution
  • Automatic video compression to allow low bandwidth consumption
  • Cost-effectiveness – saves up to 80% of bandwidth and storage cost
  • Saves videos and images in SD card

Ambicam promises the ultimate power to safeguard vehicles effectively while sitting anywhere in the world. It offers tailor-made solutions to blend well with the specific needs of businesses and government authorities. From quality products to highly flexible and scalable solutions, this brand provides you more in less.
Explore its smart and pocket-friendly surveillance cameras by connecting with Ambicam’s team directly.

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