Smart cities are next-level metropolises amplified with advanced digital solutions for enhanced quality of life. The urban environment has set an unprecedented example of accepting digital technologies and leveraging data to offer meaningful results to citizens. Leaders across the world have now acknowledged the contribution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology in improving security facilities, road management, mobility, sustainability, and infrastructure management in a city. And there is a single product that can help manage it all – Smart City Surveillance Camera. Smart City monitoring solutions display an impeccable integration of digital technology, data analytics, and application that augments the functionality and safety of the entire town.

Before we delve into the technicalities of Smart City surveillance cameras, let us get familiar with the core concept of smart cities. Here we go.

Smart City – The potential of technology in developing better living space

A smart city is not a hollow concept of installing novel technologies at roadsides for exhibition. Rather, it is a strategic transition from conventional to unconventional for improving operations and utilizing the data to make an informed decision for the betterment of residents. Cities become smart when surveillance authorities translate comprehensive and real-time data to analyze the perils of unfolded events, comprehend altering behaviors, and respond immediately and efficiently.

A three-faceted work pattern builds a smart city that answers public grievances and elevates urban lives. The pattern is a complex amalgam of technology and intelligence that includes:

    • Connecting tech-base like sensors with high-speed communication networks
    • Applications to convert heaps of raw data into useful information and alerts
    • The intervention of state governments, residents, and organizations in using the technology and relevant features

The extensive use of these applications by public and organizations (both public and private) leads to uplift the life quality in different magnitudes. These include building safer roads and environments, fearless commutes during off-hours, monitoring resources such as water and electricity, controlling crime, shrinking health load, obviating carbon emission, and a lot more.

The supremacy of data

Aggregated data is the fuel that enables the mobility of a smart city. The entire model depends on the correct interpretation of the massive insights accumulated from multiple resources. For instance, audio-visual recording collected from surveillance cameras integrated with sensors to evaluate air quality, heat, noise, etc.

But the most challenging part in building a data-driven smart city is to break down the silos among multiple departments of the city. More than thousands of monitoring solutions are deployed across the city to observe traffic, public mobility, events and happenings, vehicles, parking lots but without being connected. The solution is to bring all the monitoring solutions together by linking public and private networks for guaranteed security of lives and properties. Yet a reliable and robust surveillance system is required for network connectivity, data storage, data translation, and live broadcast that is immune to hacking or any sort of cybercrime.

Ambicam Smart City Cloud Camera – Smart Security Solutions for Smart Cities

Ambicam is one of the renowned brands offering high-tech and holistic smart surveillance solutions to businesses, homes, and the public sector in India and overseas. It is a pioneer in delivering unmatched Smart City Surveillance Cameras. The prime objective of designing technologically sound Smart City monitoring solutions is to boost public safety, asset management, and civil operations across the towns. Ambicam provides surveillance systems powered by AI analytics, assisting monitoring staff to receive real-time data with accurate notifications. Its Smart City solutions are extremely flexible and scalable that can be expanded whenever and wherever required. Allowing thousands of cameras to operate effortlessly and remotely in a single dashboard, Ambicam delivers hassle-free Smart City solutions.

Case in Point: Over 18 states PAN India have embraced Smart City monitoring solutions for different towns from Ambicam. It has installed more than 2 lac surveillance cameras along with 700+ live streaming events.

The command and control centre of Ambicam promises to better safeguard cities through AI analytics, Incident management, Enterprise Dashboards, and Location Information systems to name a few. These systems comprise numerous smart features including facial recognition, garbage management, no parking zone, head counting, ANRP, and more. Ambicam Smart City Monitoring Solutions empower Government officials to keep track of every movement and happening, enabling them to take intelligent and immediate action whenever required. Besides this surveillance system manages Live streaming of multiple security cameras remotely and efficiently with Interactive dashboards and delivers valuable insights.

The following section highlights the major elements of Ambicam’s Smart City Cloud Cameras.

    • Offer 24×7 video monitoring on a real-time basis
    • Deliver instant data and analytics reports for immediate data translation
    • Manage traffic and rescue operations effectively
    • Hassle-free implementation within a few minutes
    • Provides multi-purpose dashboard for better surveillance
    • Created with water-proof material for enhanced durability
    • Offer safe video storage on Cloud

Let us now deep dive to understand AI-assisted Analytics features of Ambicam Smart City Surveillance Cameras that help in detecting anomalies and raise instant tocsins based on recorded data and readings. Read below.

Motion Detection: It identifies any movement in the area under surveillance from a certain range of distance and sends a notification to the authorities, alerting them to monitor the detected motion.

Vandalism and Tamper Detection: It provides information related to changes in the formation or appearance of different objects and surfaces, helping monitoring staff to identify vandalism and tempering.

Overcrowding Detection: It identifies abnormal behaviors like movement in the wrong direction in crowded areas, allowing responders to respond to every suspicious activity and ensure the safety of lives and assets.

Red-light Violation: It detects vehicles violating traffic rules such as jumping signals, over-speeding, driving in the wrong direction, etc. Authorities warn the drivers of the captured vehicles and thus avoid accidents and road rages.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): It reads the vehicle number plates using optical character reading technology on images. Monitoring authorities can easily and accurately identify vehicles parked in no-parking areas, vehicles with suspicious movements, and more.

Attributed to the aforementioned smart features of Ambicam Smart Security Cameras, they deliver multitudes of benefits to the public, government, and partner companies. These include:

    • Enhanced government-public engagement
    • Safe and secure traveling
    • Better transportation facilities
    • Opens various prospects for economic development
    • Efficient management of resources and public properties
    • Garbage monitoring to contribute to the Swachh Bharat Mission, initiated by the central government

Such solutions are simple to implement and can be deployed at multiple strategic locations in cities from where the monitoring staff can efficiently surveil prime spots. These include public parking areas, traffic signals, crossroads, and many other places.

Get in touch with Ambicam’s team to get more insights into the features and functions of Smart City Cloud Cameras. You can schedule a call with the team for a free demo or other relevant queries.

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