Myriads of natural and human-centric factors have contributed to the popularity and widespread utility of the Thermal Screening Camera. This device is an extraordinary example of smart security solutions that are the need of the hour. The outbreak of contagion COVID-19 pandemic has up-surged the demand for Thermal Screening Cameras to augment safety and restrict the spread of the virus. On the other hand, the lower cost of installation and maintenance of these cameras has increased their affordability manifold.

A few years back, Smart Thermal Cameras were categorized as exclusive surveillance solutions which were used by specialized law enforcement. These cameras were not easily accessible to businesses and households due to the high cost and complex installation process. However, technological evolution, increasing product competition, and reasonable costs have today introduced the Thermal Screening Cameras to the masses for mainstream use.

Ascending demand and supply of Smart Thermal Camera
The entire world has been shaken by the waves of an uninvited pandemic, an invisible enemy threatening the entire human race. It cannot be killed but is certainly controlled by breaking the contact chain and identifying its symptoms. One of the most common symptoms of COVID-19 infection is fever and a thermal screening camera is quite a reliable option to identify elevated body temperature. Another crucial aspect to avoid the virus spread is contactless operations such as security surveillance, official and social meetings, working remotely, etc. Thermal screening cameras being contactless fever detection solutions are effective and accurate options to use in public places, offices, warehouses, parking lots, public transports, airports, stations, and many other places with heavy footfall.

Thermal Cameras for body temperature detection are multi-purpose security cameras with the potential to rheostat the pandemic outburst. Along with touchless fever detection, it can identify various other aspects considered as crucial preventive measures in the pandemic situation. These are:

    • Mask detection
    • Face recognition
    • Keeping records of employees, visitors, customers
    • Identify unknown faces
    • Access control
    • Surface temperature detection
    • Real-time notifications

Next, we will read about the mechanism of thermal screening cameras.

DNA of Smart Thermal Cameras
Thermal fever detection screening cameras are comprehensive solutions to protect humans, the surface, and the environment from contracting the fatal virus. Such cameras are integrated with AI-enabled Cloud to monitor abnormal body temperature in the area under surveillance. The touchless monitoring offered by thermal screening cameras ensures the prevention of the disease.

Ambicam Thermal Screening Cameras can be an ideal pick for you if you are looking to deploy contactless security cameras to identify high body temperature. With a preliminary screening of staff, visitors, strangers, and customers, these cameras detect surface and body temperature along with masked and unmasked faces. Assisted by innovative AI technology, smart thermal cameras can scan a large number of people at a time and identify those with high body temperature or without masks by raising temperature alerts instantly. Such people can be potential carriers of the COVID-19 or any other infection with fever as a symptom and by identifying them; thermal cameras help in preventing the infection from spreading. Smart thermal cameras are also capable of differentiating between the elevated temperature of the human body and other heated objects to deter false security alarms.

Salient features of Ambicam Thermal Cameras for body temperature detection
These security systems are completely trustworthy as they measure body and surface temperature accurately and promptly. Equipped with audio tocsins, Ambicam thermal screening cameras alert security staff instantly with a loud sound to detain violators. These devices use image and video feed to accumulate valuable insights with the help of smart AI analytics. Ambicam security solutions promise amplified security in your personal and professional space by offering innovative, practical, and flexible technology. Such thermal cameras can be installed in minutes to get up and running. All you need to do is just plugin, install, scan, and play, and you are all set to go.

Featuring night/infrared vision, smart thermal cameras broadcast high-quality video and images even at night and thus decline the need for manual surveillance. Ambicam allows owners to provide safe and secure surroundings to their workers and customers by round-the-clock live-video streaming and real-time notifications. It also eliminates the threat of cyber-attacks by safely storing the records and video feed on the Cloud.

Adding more to the performance, Ambicam guarantees smart yet sturdy cameras. It uses high-grade material to create surveillance security devices with impeccable resistance against extreme weather conditions. These security cameras promise longevity along with intelligent functionality applicable in varied fields.

Notable specifications of Ambicam Smart Thermal Cameras are:

    • Monitor 1 person at a time
    • Recognizes face from a distance of 1 meter
    • Detect temperature from a range of 0.5m to 0.75m
    • Full HD video quality
    • Compatible with Wi-Fi/LAN
    • Broadcast live feed on multiple portable devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops
    • Stores up to 5000 records
    • Hassle-free setup
    • Wide-angle view
    • Live centralized remote monitoring

Interventions of Thermal Screening Cameras in Mainstream security
Thermal screening cameras can be applied extensively at several places to secure lives and assets from COVID-19 and crime akin. Be it an indoor place or an outdoor area, thermal screening cameras provide precise results in no time. Businesses and homeowners can deploy these cameras inside their properties to control internal theft, entry of potentially infected people, restrict access to strangers, avoid inventory shrinkage, and much more.

Whereas state governments can use these cameras to improve the safety of masses, public places, and transports by remotely monitoring people with high body temperature and those who are not wearing masks or violating pandemic safety measures. Many smart cities have implemented smart thermal cameras to regulate the movement of suspected COVID-19 positive patients in a bid to control the virus contagion.

Besides offering ample security surveillance services, thermal screening cameras play an interesting role in industries that use heat for production such as furnaces, food processing, utensil manufacturing to name a few. These sectors can leverage thermal imaging to automate heat control while increasing operational safety.

Security is the priority!
In today’s time where remote surveillance is security-imperative for the public and businesses, thermal screening cameras are an effective solution to stay protected from infections and criminal activities. Attentiveness, data-driven decisions at the right time and maximum use of AI-enabled applications amplify the benefits of thermal cameras in guaranteeing the safety of valuables.

Technology is a powerful tool to fight against visible and invisible threats. It is high time to acknowledge the potential of AI/ML-assisted software and integrate them with security hardware systems for better safety. The key to drive through the challenging trajectories of New Normal to the Next to Normal and the hopefully real Normal world is a digital technology and smart applications.

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