The Ambicam Smart City Monitoring Solutions system has been adopted and deployed by many Indian cities and has evolved tremendously due to technological advancements over the past few decades. Smart city monitoring is typically designed with all the enhanced and influential functions for public safety, security, and protection of assets with help of AI-based technology and video analytics. Smart city monitoring solution has a flexible structure that can expand whenever needed like in case of any modification. Even thousands of cameras can operate altogether in a single dashboard remotely. Like every city in India is on the verge of getting more developed and smarter, its important and sheer need to integrate digital equity into the existing monitoring process. Every part of the city needs to benefit from innovation whether private or public property. But even in areas that have the complete necessary infrastructure, security monitoring is important to enhance the progress which includes capturing, gathering data, and reporting them to the authorized officials to keep a complete check that whether the solutions implemented have measurably improved key quality of living standards in underserved communities and for underserved populations, and mainly the people residing in remote locations.

By keeping all these things in mind as well as in action, you need to ensure that your deployed smart city monitoring plan provides you with the complete data you need to track the city’s progress, watch on criminal and suspicious activities, adjust your strategy when unfortunate events happen and things don’t go according to plan and ensure that every citizen lives a safe and secure life by improving the quality of life for everyone in your community.

All the monitoring is done through Ambicam Command and Control Center (CCC) which optimizes the complete safety and security management of a city through Incident Management system, AI-based Analytics, Location Information System, and Enterprise Dashboards which includes various advanced features like, Head Counting, ANPR technology, Facial Recognition systems, No Parking Zone, Garbage Collection and Swatch Bharat Initiative, etc. In case of any unfortunate incident, Government officials and authorities can take instant action and spontaneous decisions which sometimes can even prevent certain mishappening. The CCC also assists in managing all the Live Cameras working remotely without any delay with an interactive dashboard and the system instantly gives insight.

Major key features designed with AI analytics and integrated with smart city monitoring solutions-

  • Real-time and Remote Video Monitoring
  • Instant exchange of analytic reports
  • Traffic and Rescue operations
  • Easy Implementation and deployment
  • Multi-Purpose Dashboard
  • Weatherproof Smart Cloud Cameras
  • Video storage with Cloud technology
  • Motion/Intrusion Detection sensors
  • Vandalism & Temper Detection
  • Over-Crowding Detection
  • Unidentified object detection
  • Red Light Violation Protocol
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

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