Rebounding from the pandemic is going to be tough as we need to alter the way we live and work. From our normal eating habits to business management, every aspect of our lives would be unfolding novel practices to survive in the era of uncertainties. Quoting businesses, start-ups, and established brands, all have responded rapidly to the operational trends of the new normal such as work from home protocol, online trading, digital meetings, to mention a few.

Now when the ‘Unlocked’ phase is getting into shape, enterprises need to be better prepared to accommodate the challenges brought by this new shift. The era of physical movements and gatherings is back but with more caution and safety protocols. This calls for the deployment of automated techniques and digital systems in offices to stay immune to catching infection at workplaces. Smart Office monitoring cameras are one of the best examples of automated technologies, assuring physical security and protection against contagious diseases.

However, many entrepreneurs are doubtful about getting an office monitoring system installed. This article will help you explore a wide array of benefits of having a CCTV camera in commercial spaces.

Whenever you are away from your office to manage other priorities, monitoring the security of offices becomes more critical. Irrespective of your business size, ensuring a physically safe environment for employees and customers is a primacy. Thankfully, disruptive digital technologies have made automated security systems easily accessible and affordable to every enterprise. Let us now understand the advantages of office monitoring systems in detail.


Benefits of deploying CCTV cameras in offices – The full picture

    • Prevent the spread of COVID-19

Smart office monitoring cameras can precisely detect elevated body temperature, social distancing violation, face recognition, affected locations visited by an infected individual, and faces without masks. AI-driven CCTV surveillance cameras alert the monitoring authorities by raising real-time alarms on the desecration of public health protocols.

    • Abate the risk of theft

Round-the-clock surveillance through live video feed keeps responders attentive, enabling them to detect suspicious activities that may lead to physical threats, theft, break-ins, and other criminal incidents. Placing a security camera at strategic locations all over a commercial property could further increase the safety of individuals and possessions.

    • Monitor video remotely

Technological advancements in security devices enable business owners to monitor real-time footage of the office through live feed remotely. While sitting at home or on the go, owners can keep an eye on all the happenings taking place in their offices. Remote surveillance system allows them to identify and deter potential crimes or unfavorable acts with audio-visual alerts on their mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

    • Collect valuable evidence

Video recorded by a CCTV surveillance camera is considered valuable evidence of criminal activity. The footage not just identifies the offender and the crime location but works as solid proof in court. Cloud-based CCTV monitoring cameras safely secure high-quality video digitally to keep records of the day-long activities taking place in an office.

    • Encourage productivity and a healthy work environment

It is true that employees work hard and feel motivated when they are under surveillance as the employer tracks them directly. Alongside, having cameras installed in offices motivate employees to be more disciplined, responsive, and friendly. It allows floor managers to pay attention to other important tasks rather than supervising employees’ behavior and productivity.

    • Enhance employee and visitor experience

Office monitoring systems build a sense of security amongst employees and visitors. With a glimpse of a CCTV surveillance camera, they feel cared-for and work more dedicatedly without worrying about their physical security. Office monitoring cameras also bring unethical acts to a period, for example, bullying and sexual harassment.

    • Reduce security-specific expenses

Conventional resources of security prove considerably expensive and less efficient for a business. Office monitoring systems protect your people and surroundings with 24×7 surveillance regularly which is indeed economical than hiring security officers for day and night separately. Best security cameras for offices come with night vision, motor sensors, and different rotational angles to provide clear video quality even in the dark hours from all the angles.

    • Manage access control

AI-based office monitoring cameras come with a face recognition feature that detects unauthorized faces based on facial contours. Whenever an unauthorized face passes a scan, cameras raise alarms to alert monitoring staff while denying access to the detected person immediately. Hence, smart CCTV cameras help in avoiding trespassing incidents at your office.


What do facts say?

A video monitoring camera is one of the most common yet powerful security devices available in the market. Technological advancements and the pandemic situation have further added to the demand for reliable and robust office monitoring systems on the global front. Nearly 25 million security cameras are operational worldwide that have contributed to slow down the crime rate in offices and other commercial places. Industry experts suggest that almost 67% of criminal activities can be dissuaded simply by deploying automated surveillance cameras.


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